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Property approvals from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) are to be obtained before the commencement of construction. Any anomalies in the same would lead to legal issues.

Procedure for HMDA Approval

The HMDA is a designated body appointed for the purpose of regulating real estate development in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area through issue of Planning Permission (PP). Planning Permission (PP)are issued for construction of ordinary buildings and the buildings under normally permissible categories of Industrial, Residential, Institutional & Commercial use zones.HMDA has delegated the power to issue Planning Permission (PP) for Subdivision and small layouts upto a specified Sq. ft. to the local bodies within the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area. For IT/ITES, Special and Multi storey buildings permission is issued by HMDA directly Permission is granted only for those who confirm, that the land will be used for which the site has been designated under the Master Plan and Detailed Development Plan.

Procedure for DTCP Approval

The Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) is responsible for carrying out development activities. The entire area of the state is classified as either Master Plan Area or Non- Master Plan Area.Taking into account the suitability of a site, accessibility, and compatibility with the adjoining development the Local Planning Authority regulated the physical development of the Town, according to the land use envisaged in the Master Plan & Detailed Development Plan.

Before commencing any construction it is mandatory to obtain necessary permission from HMDA / DTCP. The approval number of HMDA or DTCP will be displayed on the approval layout designing.


WET LAND NOC (Land Conversion)

Changing the status of land from Agriculture to Non- Agriculture is known as Wet Land NOC. Use of land for any purpose other than agriculture such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial purposes requires permission from the appropriate authority and there are Rules which states the procedure for conversion of use of land from one purpose to another. If any Wet Land has to be used for Non- Agricultural purposes then the NOC has to be obtained from the District Collector. Officers from various Departments under District Collectors personally visit and verify the land and give NOC and if the Master Plan permits, either the HMDA or the DTCP would decide & reclassify the land based on the Collector’s report. The details regarding land status can be verified with the Patta.